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Featured Mix
  • Recently published on Musical Discoveries :
    • Vandal - Dub Plate Style (HD 1080p)

      Video -

      Vandal - Dub Plate Style Si vous voulez du gros son Hardtek/Hardcore toujours en HD, allez faire un tour sur ma chaine, j'essaie d'en ajouter régulièrement... Ah et abonnez vous aussi, ca coute rien ;) Merci! If you want more Hardtek/Hardcore tracks, always in HD, go to my channel and subscribe, i am doing regular updates ;) Thank you!

      Alexis Dueymeson 2013-12-03

      Ragga + Hardtek = Raggatek

    • 妖精帝國 Yousei Teikoku「Astral Dogma」Full

      Video -

      妖精帝國  Astral Dogma From「 PAX VESANIA」Album. © Lantis, All rights reserved. You also can check out the HD video subbed here:

      Alexis Dueymeson 2013-12-03

      steampunk japan wtf

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    • All about curation
      Mixed by Alexis Dueymes

      I'm Keemix co founder, and VP Product I've worked for various web-related companies, including Google and Wikio. Information feeds and how to make sense of them in our data-overloaded times is driving my career. Obviously, I'm curating content about curation ;)

      View profile

      Curation comes up when search stops working. But it’s more than a human-powered filter. Curation comes up when people realize that it isn’t just about information seeking, it’s also about synchronizing a community. This mix is dedicated to all ressources and news about web curation

      40 followers | 224 items | Updated on 2013-10-07

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    • User Experience Design
      Mixed by Morgan

      Everything about User Experience Design, with a large focus on prototyping. From Wikipedia : User experience design (UXD) is a subset of the field of...

      26 followers | 118 items

    • Les ordinateurs, nos compagnons éléctriques
      Mixed by six

      Un ordinateur est une machine électronique qui fonctionne par la lecture séquentielle d'un ensemble d'instructions qui lui font exécuter des opérations logiques et arithmétiques...

      9 followers | 43 items

    • Android
      Mixed by Adrien Plat

      Ce qui se dit autour du système d'exploitation open source, Android.

      10 followers | 30 items

    • High-Tech
      Mixed by Adrien Plat

      L'actualité high-tech que je recommande et qui s'articule autour des news internet, du software et du matériel.

      10 followers | 33 items

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